The decision to nationalize marketing professions

The decision to nationalize marketing professions

Saudization of Marketing & Admin Support Jobs

Ahmed Suleiman Al-Rajhi, Saudi Arabia’s Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, issued two decisions to localize the marketing and administrative support professions, allowing the country’s sons and daughters to find suitable job opportunities and increase their participation in the national economy.

In continuation of the Ministry’s efforts to provide an appropriate and refreshing work environment for male and female citizens, and to expand their participation in the labor market, the decision to nationalize marketing professions at a rate of 30% is applied to all private sector establishments with 5 or more employees working in marketing professions.

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decision to nationalize marketing professions

It was decided to localize work in certain fields for Saudi citizens in private sector businesses, with a minimum wage of 5,500 riyals used to calculate the Saudization percentage. Trending Now: Saudi Labor Law Amendments – 3 Updates

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The decision will take effect on April 1st, 2022 AD, and will generate over 12,000 employment for male and female Saudi people.

Manager, Marketing Specialist, Advertising and Public Relations Manager, Marketing Sales Expert, Advertising Designer, and Commercial Advertising Photographer are among the marketing occupations that will be included by the new Saudization decision.

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The ministry released a procedural guide outlining the decision and the methods required for its execution to ensure establishment compliance, emphasizing the imposition of fines against infringing enterprises. The government would also give incentive and assistance packages to private sector businesses that hire Saudis. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News


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