Iqama Transfer Through QIWA: Step by Step Procedure.

Iqama Transfer Through QIWA: Step by Step Procedure.

How to Use QIWA To Transfer Your Iqama

There has been an increase in career prospects for these immigrants as migration from other nations to Saudi Arabia has increased. KSA offers a well-organized platform to meet their requirements. The QIWA platform is noteworthy because it provides services and solutions to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development to improve electronic labor sector services. This technology is being used to help shift sponsorship throughout the country. Some of the steps necessary to complete this activity are listed below:

1st step: On the QIWA portal, upload your employment contract.

On the QIWA platform, the new employer must post an employment contract requesting the transfer of the employee’s services. However, the employer must first fulfil certain standards. The following are the requirements:

1 — According to the rules, the employer must be eligible to receive a new visa.

2 — The employing organization has demonstrated at least 80% wage protection system compliance in the past three months.

3 — The employer guarantees that the Contract Registration Program will be followed to the letter (CRP)

4 — The corporation adheres to the self-evaluation programme requirements to the tune of 80%.

5 — The employer adheres to the QIWA nationality maximum labor restriction.

6 — The Nitaqat programme for employers has a green status.

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Step 2: Accepting the employment offer via QIWA.

Candidates can accept the employment contract when the company has built the job portal with QIWA. Through these measures, candidates can receive a job or employment contract within 10 days after its inception.

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1 — Candidates should create an account on the QIWA portal.

2 — After completing the registration process, individuals may access their account via

3 — Select ‘Individual account’ from the drop-down menu.

4 — Go to the bottom of the page and choose ‘Employee transfer.’

5 — On the following screen, select ‘View contract.’

6 — Most crucially, read the employment contract thoroughly before accepting it in QIWA, since it will be the sole legally enforceable document from the perspective of the HR ministry and the Saudi government.

7 — Accept the terms and conditions as mentioned.

8 –   Accept or reject the deal at number eight.

If there was any difficulty accepting the request,

Send an email to [email protected] or call the QIWA helpdesk at 920000105.

Employing firms establish certain criteria for candidate approval, such as:

1 — Upon entering Saudi Arabia, the worker must have completed at least one year of employment with the existing company.

2 — The employee has no unpaid infractions on his or her record.

3 — There are no further requests for sponsorship transfers pending.

Step 3: The present employer accepts the transfer request.

Following the applicants’ completion of the registration process and acceptance of the job offer or employment contract, a request is submitted to the present employer, who either approves or rejects the request. ‘Pending for present employer’s permission’ is the status of the QIWA at this time.

1 — The employee transfer is successful if the present employer’s request is accepted within 14 days. Alternatively, the system may override Kafeel’s consent and automatically agree to the transfer request. The status of the QIWA will be ‘Approved’ in either of these circumstances.

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2 — If the existing employer does not accept the transfer request within 14 days, the request is automatically declined. As a result, the status on the QIWA portal will be ‘Auto cancelled owing to not authorized or reject request for more than 14 days.’

3 — If the existing employer refuses the request for transfer service, it will be automatically deleted. However, such activities as an incomplete employment contract must be justified by the employer. During this period, the QIWA status will be ‘Rejected by present employer.’ ‘Dear employee, you have a justification from the establishment owner,’ the employee will also receive a message. Please react to the rationale emailed to you by signing into Mudad at and responding to the justification.

Iqama Transfer Through QIWA-1

Step 4: Awaiting the end of the notice period

After completing the processes, the employee notice period will commence in QIWA as soon as the existing employer approves the transfer request. As a result, the existing employer has the option of implementing a transfer request immediately or waiting for the notice period to expire before dismissing the employee. The QIWA status for the latter is ‘Pending for notice period completion.’

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Step 5: The new employer completes the transfer.

The employee transfer service in QIWA begins when the employee has completed his or her notice period, if any, and the existing employer has approved the transfer of its employee. The status changes to ‘waiting completion of the new employer’s transfer in Absher.’

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After that, the new employer pays the Iqama transfer dues and utilizes the Absher app. Within 24 days, the employer can use this app to submit a request to modify the company’s name or transfer personnel. If you do not start the operation within these 24 days, the entire procedure will be cancelled. As a result, the QIWA system will display the following status: ‘Expired due to the new employer failing to complete the request.’

Step 6: Registering for a new Iqama.

To sign up for a new Iqama once your employee transfer request has been approved by your present company, follow the steps below:

1 — Pay the cost to transfer Iqama sponsorship within 12 days to finish the process in Jawazat.

2 — According to Saudi labor legislation, the employer is accountable for the payment of the charge.

3 — After completing the transfer, users may use the Absher app to monitor the progress of their new Kafeel.

4 — After completing the transfer, one can pick up a print of their new Iqama at any Jawazat office.

This article contains all information and mistakes as received via email or the QIWA platform.


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