HURUB AWARENESS CAMPAIGN – Do you belong to HURUB? | Have you had any UNPAID SALARY? | Are you having trouble getting ESB? | Want LEGAL Support?


HURUB AWARENESS CAMPAIGN will provide Legal Advices and Government Regulations about the Huroob or Hurub cases, Police cases, Travel Ban Issues, Pending of End of Service Benefits related Issues, Facing problems with Sponsors and companies.

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Do you belong to HURUB or Huroob?

If a worker is absent from work without authorization, refuses to work, or flees from the sponsor, the sponsor may report him as hurub (runaway/absconding).

180,000 riyals in Compensation for an Expat worker for his illegal termination and Huroob report

Have you been the subject of a TRAVEL BAN case?

Because of the Hurub or Huroob Record against you, you will be facing Travel Ban for some period of times to enter Saudi Arabia.

Want LEGAL Support?

If you want to legal support to overcome the issue and willing to travel again to Saudi Arabia to get engaged in work or Business

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hurub awareness campaign

Have you had any UNPAID SALARY?

In your previous company, if you have an Unpaid Leave due to Hurub status, you can seek the solution towards the HURUB AWARENESS CAMPAIGN.

Checking the Status of a Saudi Work Visa | Step by Step Procedure.

Are you having trouble getting ESB?

If you have the Record Hurub or Huroob case, then you will not be entitled with the Benefits of Company Like Leave Pay, ESB, etc.

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  • What is Date and Time of CAMPAIGN?

ON FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER 2022 from 6pm to 8pm.

  • Who is conducting the CAMPAIGN?


  • How can I attend the CAMPAIGN?

You can attend the Campaign at Classic Restaurant Auditorium, Batha, Riyadh

Transfer Domestic Worker services online through Absher meet 7 conditions – Saudi Jawazat.



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