UAE Mobile Security: Reporting Lost or Stolen Devices and Protecting Your Digital Identity

UAE Mobile Security: Reporting Lost or Stolen Devices and Protecting Your Digital Identity

“TDRA’s Initiatives in UAE Mobile Security”

In a pioneering move, the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) in the UAE has issued crucial security guidance for individuals who have lost or had their mobile phones or related devices stolen.

Recognizing the increasing importance of these devices in daily life, the TDRA is urging the public to promptly inform UAE telecom service providers in the event of such incidents.


“Streamlined Reporting Procedures”

To enhance awareness, the TDRA is actively promoting the proper procedures for reporting lost or stolen mobile phones. Telecom service providers in the UAE offer various communication channels, including customer service call centers and live chat services on their websites.

These channels facilitate a swift and efficient reporting process for users facing the unfortunate loss or theft of their devices.

“Cutting-edge Systems and Processes”

The UAE stands out in the region for its proactive approach to developing cutting-edge systems and processes to address the loss or theft of mobile devices. Once a report is submitted, the TDRA ensures the verification of the identity of the person reporting the incident.

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Details and specifications of the lost or stolen device are then confirmed, and the service provider communicates the terms and conditions related to the blocking process to the customer.

“Swift Blocking and Unblocking”

Upon receiving customer approval, the service provider promptly adds the device’s International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) to the blacklisted device database. Within 24 hours, the service provider initiates the block, preventing the device from connecting to any wireless network in the UAE.

This time frame is also the window within which the service provider can unblock the device if it is found and recovered.

Your Digital Identity

“Empowering Users with Protective Measures”

In addition to reporting procedures, the TDRA emphasizes the importance of individuals taking proactive steps to protect their mobile devices.

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Users are encouraged to employ various protective measures, including setting passwords, activating two-step verification, enabling fingerprint or facial recognition features, and activating device-tracking functionalities.

“Precision in Reporting”

To facilitate efficient resolution, the TDRA urges the public to provide precise information regarding personal identity, the time and location of the incident, and detailed specifications of the lost or stolen device.

Subscribers are also advised to adhere to the recommendations of their service providers concerning coordination with relevant authorities.

“Collaboration with Security Authorities”

Highlighting the preventive nature of reporting procedures, the TDRA advises customers to liaise with competent security authorities. This collaborative effort aims to ensure a comprehensive approach to addressing the loss or theft of mobile phone devices, enhancing overall security measures.

Mobile Security

“TDRA’s Regulatory Efforts”

These security measures align with TDRA’s overarching efforts to regulate the telecommunications sector in the UAE. The authority is committed to streamlining subscriber experiences and boosting customer satisfaction concerning telecommunications services.

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As the digital landscape evolves, TDRA remains at the forefront, implementing measures to safeguard users’ digital identities and enhance the overall security of mobile devices.


In conclusion, the UAE, led by the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA), sets a regional standard in UAE mobile security. The streamlined reporting processes and cutting-edge systems underscore their commitment to swiftly address lost or stolen devices.

Empowering users with protective measures and promoting collaboration with security authorities reflects a comprehensive approach to security. These initiatives, part of TDRA’s broader regulatory efforts, prioritize user satisfaction and digital identity protection.

As the digital landscape evolves, the UAE remains at the forefront, ensuring the security of mobile devices and enhancing overall user experience.


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