How to Cancel SIM Card Online 2022 in Saudi Arabia

How to Cancel SIM Card Online 2022 in Saudi Arabia

how can you cancel a SIM card registered under your Iqama online 2022?

You can Cancel SIM Card Online 2022 registered under your Iqama that you are not using in one of the following ways:

  • Call the helpline to file a complaint.
  • Pay a visit to STC, Mobily, or Zain’s offices.
  • Online, you can make a complaint to the Consumer Information Technology Council (CITC) (explained below)

To cancel your SIM card, call the helpdesk.

The quickest way to cancel a SIM card registered on your Iqama is to call the cellular company’s support. The helpline’s phone numbers are as follows:

Zain: 959 or 059-0000959
Mobily: 1100 or 0560101100
STC: 900 or 011-455-5555
Friendi: 166000 or 057-1166000
Lebara: 1755 or 057-6001755
Virgin Mobile:1789.

Helpline for Mobily

To speak with a Mobily customer service professional, phone 1100 and hit the following buttons.

  • To file a complaint, dial 9 on your phone.
  • To make a new complaint, press 1.
  • If you have a complaint regarding voice services, dial 1.
  • To file a claim of ownership, press 4.
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To cancel a Cancel SIM Card Online 2022 under your IQAMA, Visit an outlet.

By visiting the offices of STC, Mobily, Zain, or any other cellular operator, you may always cancel the SIM cards registered on your Iqama. Their retail locations are as follows:

Online, you can make a complaint to the Consumer Information Technology Council (CITC).

The third option is to report unlawful use of a SIM card registered under your Iqama to the CITC. To do so, you’ll need to

Fill out the form at the following link to establish an account. If you have already registered, you can just log in to your account.

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Consumer Information Technology Council (CITC) 

Cancel SIM Card Online 2022

You’ll be sent to a new page where you’ll be asked to select the appropriate ID type.
  •  Saudis have a national identification card.
  • Iqama holders must have a resident ID.
  • For tourists, a passport is required.
  • GCC ID is only available to GCC cards.
  • For Umrah/Family Visit/Tourist Visa holders, a border ID is required.

Fill up your Absher account’s Iqama number and Iqama expiration date.

Cancel SIM Card Online 2022-2

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You must input the cellphone number that is already registered with your Iqama on the following screen.


On the following screen, you’ll see a list of all the SIM card numbers associated with your Iqama.

Cancel SIM Card Online 2022-4

You can file a complaint with CITC to have the SIM card connected with your Iqama revoked if you discover that any of these numbers are not in your possession. To do so, you’ll need to

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Select “Submit Complaint” from the drop-down menu.

Cancel SIM Card Online 2022-5

To request the deactivation of a SIM card, you must provide the following information.

  • Voice/Internet is a type of sub-service.
  • Canceling (Number – Service) is a type of complaint.
  • Cancel or Suspend (Number – Service) without user request is a complaint subtype.
  • Mobile Number is the service number.
  • Other information: Enter the specifics of how it isn’t suitable for your needs.

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Mobily, STC, and Zain are just a few of the cellular carriers who have 15 days to fix the problem. If the problem is not resolved by the deadline, you can contact CITC.


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