Saudi Arabia requires visitors to have a tawakkalna (health insurance) status.

Saudi Arabia requires visitors to have a tawakkalna (health insurance) status.

Those who travel to the Kingdom on visit visas after getting medical insurance against coronavirus should contact the Health Insurance Council if their “insured visitor” health status is not displayed on the app, according to the Tawakkalna app.

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The clarification came after reports that certain medically insured visitors’ applications were missing the “insured visitor” category.

Exit and re-entry visas are non-refundable.

According to the most recent laws, all visitors to the Kingdom on various visit visas must have medical insurance to cover their medical care in the case of a coronavirus infection.

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tawakkalna health insurance status

The application said that if the beneficiaries on Tawakkalna travel to the Kingdom on a visit visa and have active and legitimate medical insurance, their health status will be “insured guest.”

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