To enhance the client experience, stc pay has formed a relationship with Moven.

To enhance the client experience, stc pay has formed a relationship with Moven.

With over 7.4 million devoted users, stc pay is always looking for new ways to improve their services for their audience and clients. stc pay innovates in the execution of seamless, contactless transactions, promoting a cashless society in accordance with Vision 2030. Customers are now required to keep track of their expenditures as well.

stc pay recently teamed with Moven, an innovative technical solution that enhances stc pay’s comprehensive digital banking experiences. stc pay and Moven have teamed up to offer flexible and innovative data-driven financial wellness solutions. Because banking is changing and becoming more digital, stc pay is advising and aiding its clients in developing a more comprehensive digital banking experience.

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When you swipe up on the stc pay main screen of the app, there is a part under “spending metrics” that you may visit. The overall expenditure for the current month, spending for each day, and average spending are all included in this section. Customers may also view their “money path,” which shows whether or not they are on track with their savings and expenditures. The spending history is also included in this new feature, which can be sorted by date, transaction type, and account. Trending Now: Saudi Arabia has approved the vaccinations Sinopharm Sinovac and Covaxin Sputnik for Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages.

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The advancements made by stc pay show that they are data-driven and customer-centric. Moven, like stc pay, prioritizes digital interaction, a well-established consumer-centric experience, and data-driven decision-making to provide the most user-friendly experiences. These new insights, as well as the new collaboration with Moven, have demonstrated that actionable information within the stc pay app can help monetize digital banking and improve their customers’ financial health.

“Being customer-centric is one of the primary cornerstones of our initiatives,” said Ahmed Mohammad Alenazi, CEO of stc pay. “We seek to provide financial analyses of our clients’ costs to enhance their comprehensive digital banking experience and help them spend more wisely.”

“Our cooperation with stc pay is incredibly exciting,” said Bryan Clagett, Chief Revenue Officer at Moven, “in that they have been able to harness our technology and implement it in a significant way that makes sense to their growing market.” “Our solution is amazingly versatile, allowing stc pay to tailor their understanding of financial wellness to deliver a more robust experience for their end-users while also providing stc pay with significant industry information.” Watch More: Gulf Tech & News.

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According to Alenazi, the new financial data analytics function encourages consumers to spend wisely by giving them with a variety of alternatives and time patterns to choose from, as well as accurate findings and a full perspective of their costs.


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