How to Change Watch Faces in WatchOS 10 on Apple Watch


Are you unable to swipe between faces in WatchOS 10? You aren’t alone. Apple has changed the ability to switch faces on WatchOS 10 in the Apple Watch which was recently announced in the Apple’s Wonderlust event. So how does one change the watch face in WatchOS 10 on the Apple Watch now? Well, it’s quite easy.

You can change the watch face on WatchOS 10 either using the Apple Watch or the connected iPhone.

Method 1: Change Watch Face from Apple Watch

Prior to WatchOS 10, one could swipe between the watch faces to switch watch faces. Now, that feature doesn’t work.

To switch faces in WatchOS 10, long press on your current watch face. Then, swipe right or left to see the available faces. Tap on a clock face that you want to set as a default watch face.

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I know. I know! Apple has kind of made it a bit hectic to change watch faces in WatchOS 10. But that’s what we have for now.

Tip: Know how to switch from an analog to a digital clock on Apple Watch.

Method 2: Change Watch Face from iPhone

Follow these steps to change the Apple Watch face from the connected iPhone:

1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

2. Tap on the watch face that you want to set on your Apple Watch from the list shown under the My Faces section.

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3. Make changes to your watch face such as adding or removing complications. Then, scroll down and tap on Set as current Watch face. The watch face will be updated immediately on your connected Apple Watch.

Tip: Did you know you can put multiple pictures on the Apple Watch face?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where did the Control Center go on the Apple Watch in WatchOS 10?

In WatchOS 10, the Control Center is no longer accessible by swiping up from the home screen. Now, you need to press the Side button to open the Control Center on your Apple Watch. Swiping up on the Apple Watch launches widgets.

2. Do you need iOS 17 for watchOS 10?

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Yes, you would need an iPhone running on iOS 17 to update the Apple Watch to WatchOS 10.

3. Are there any new watch faces in WatchOS 10?

Yes, there are five new watch faces in WatchOS 10: Snoopy, Palette, Solar Analog, Nike Globe, and Modular Ultra (for Apple Watch Ultra).

Understand Apple Watch

I hope you were able to change the watch face on your Apple Watch. Before you go, know the meaning of various symbols on your Apple Watch. Also, learn how to make your Apple Watch vibrate.

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