For UAE citizens travelling to eight places, including India, the United Kingdom, the United States, Pakistan, and the Philippines, Covid travel requirements apply.

For UAE citizens travelling to eight places, including India, the United Kingdom, the United States, Pakistan, and the Philippines, Covid travel requirements apply.

For a comfortable travel experience, residents must be informed of new travel limitations.

Omicron, the most recent Covid-19 version, has spread to over 30 nations throughout the world. As a result, many governments have imposed additional limitations on international visitors in order to limit the spread of the current version.

Residents of the UAE, which is home to approximately 200 nationalities, travel to various nations across the world for pleasure, business, or family trips. With the holiday season approaching, UAE citizens should be informed of new travel limitations in order to have a pleasant travel experience.

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Due to Omicron, updated travel requirements for certain popular places are shown below.


After the Indian Ministry of Health revealed two instances of Omicron in Karnataka, India has delayed the resumption of foreign flights until December 15. The Indian states have declared a variety of initiatives to combat Omicron:

UAE new travel rules

New Delhi:

All overseas travellers must fill out a self-declaration form and provide facts from the last 14 days online at “Air Suvidha.” Passengers must also upload a negative PCR test report obtained 72 hours prior to the trip.


Upon arrival, all international travellers will be examined. Those who test positive will be sent to hospitals. People who arrive from high-risk nations who test negative will be subjected to a seven-day quarantine before taking another test. Passengers who tested negative would be permitted to return home, according to Indian media. Only the driver will be permitted to convey the people in the back seat. Drivers transporting people from the airport must wear face masks and face shields. Trending Now: From February 2022, no flights without a booster dosage will be permitted.


Upon arrival, all travellers will be subjected to further PCR testing and quarantine. Before departing, the government has requested that all overseas travellers give their 15-day trip history. A Covid-19 PCR test would be needed of passengers passing through Mumbai airport.

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A PCR test and a seven-day home quarantine have been ordered by the state administration. On the seventh day, those who are asymptomatic will be examined.

Madhya Pradesh:

If a current report is not provided, all travellers will be required to take a PCR test upon arrival.


All visitors will be subjected to testing. Passengers who test positive for Covid-19 or are determined to be sick shall be quarantined for 14 days.


All incoming travellers will be subjected to a PCR test and a seven-day home quarantine. Those who test negative or exhibit symptoms will be required to undertake home testing on the fifth day, and those who test negative will be placed in a seven-day home quarantine. On the seventh day, the asymptomatic ones will be examined; if they test positive, they will be treated separately or admitted to the hospital right once.

Jammu and Kashmir:

At the airport, all international travellers will be subjected to an obligatory RT-PCR test, followed by a seven-day home quarantine. Passengers will be checked again on the eighth day of their home quarantine, or if they develop any symptoms while there. Even if the RT-PCR results are negative, they will have to self-monitor for another week under a tight home isolation.

The Philippines

In November 2021, the Philippines will be included to the “Green List” with the UAE.

Beginning December 3, visitors from “Green List” countries will be required to submit a negative RT-PCR test result obtained within 72 hours after departure, facility-based quarantine until negative findings are released, 5th day swabbing, and home quarantine until the 14th day after arrival.

Regardless of the minor’s vaccination status or place of origin, minors’ testing and quarantine protocols must follow the testing and quarantine routine of the parent/guardian travelling with them. Trending Now: How to Check your health insurance status in Saudi Arabia

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uae new travel procedure

The Philippines halted flights from nations with instances of a novel coronavirus strain discovered in South Africa on November 26.

Inbound international flights from South Africa, Botswana, and other countries with local cases or the potential of occurrences of the B1.1.529 variant will be temporarily halted…


In light of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, the Boris Johnson administration tightened travel requirements on Saturday, making it essential for anybody travelling to England from 4 a.m. on Tuesday (December 7) to perform pre-departure testing and give documentation of negative findings, regardless of vaccination status.

Everyone above the age of 12 is subject to the new regulation.

Nigeria will be placed to the red list of nations from which visitors must stay in a hotel for ten days beginning Monday, according to health minister Sajid Javid, who said that the steps are needed to ‘buy time’ and put in place preventive measures.

Travelers to England are simply needing to schedule a PCR test for Day 2 of their arrival and submit a passenger locator form under current regulations. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News.

They must self-isolate after arriving until the Day 2 PCR test results are negative.


Due to Omicron, Pakistan has restricted travel from six South African nations including Hong Kong. South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, and Botswana are all part of it.

Since October 1, Pakistan has prohibited unvaccinated travellers from entering the country.

all international travellers will-3


The administration of US President Joe Biden has declared that all arriving travellers would be required to undergo the Covid-19 test one day before to their departure for the United States.

Foreign travellers must also wear masks in airports, on aircraft, and on other forms of public transportation such as trains and buses, according to the US.

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All travellers, including those travelling from the UAE, will be subject to this new restriction beginning December 6.

In addition, all international travellers will entering in the United States must be properly immunized.

Unvaccinated Americans and permanent residents can enter the nation by taking a test within one day of arriving in the United States.


In reaction to Omicron, Israel became the first country to close its borders totally on November 27.

Foreign tourists are restricted from entering Israel, and travel to parts of Africa is prohibited, but Israelis are allowed to fly to other countries and must quarantine when they return. Israelis living abroad are permitted to return to their homeland.

The restriction will last 14 days, according to Prime Minister Naftali Bennett. Read More: Through the Eatmarna and Tawakkalna programmes, you may see the amount of crowding in different colors and avoid congestion at two holy mosques.

all international travellers will-2


In reaction to the development of the Omicron strain, Japan has issued a series of heightened travel restrictions and quarantine measures from November 29.

While some of these restrictions have been partially restored, such as a halt in airline ticket sales for travellers flying to Japan, the nation continues to implement severe travel rules. Most foreigners are barred from entering the nation.

Foreign tourists and non-resident foreign business travellers are still barred from entering the country.

Japanese nationals and foreign residents with a re-entry permission are normally permitted to return to Japan, although they must adhere to stringent pre- and post-travel testing regulations, as well as quarantine upon arrival.


Foreigners who have visited eight African nations in the last 14 days are barred from entering Australia. Citizens, permanent residents, and close family members of Australian citizens and permanent residents are exempt; however, they must complete a 14-day quarantine.


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