How can I apply for a work visa in Saudi Arabia?

How can I apply for a work visa in Saudi Arabia?

You’re probably wondering how to secure a Saudi Work Visa if you’re planning a trip to Saudi Arabia. What are the requirements for obtaining a work visa in Saudi Arabia, as well as the processing time, and how long does it take to acquire one in Pakistan, India, the Philippines, the US, the UK, or any other country?

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What is the procedure for obtaining a Saudi work visa?
Job Seeking in Saudi Arabia

Finding a job in Saudi Arabia is the first step. Many employers prefer applicants with a transferable Iqama, therefore if you locate one, an employer will be eager to process a Saudi Work Visa for you. Some people buy an Azad, or free visa, in their own country to enter Saudi Arabia, which is illegal and can lead to harsh penalties.

How long does it take to receive a work visa in Saudi Arabia?

After acquiring a position, the employer must apply for a work visa with the Ministry of Labor. You’re undoubtedly curious about how long it takes to get a Saudi work visa. If he has previously completed a long list of requirements, the Saudi Ministry of Labor will process his work visa in around two months. Read More: How to Make a Money Transfer from STCPay to a Foreign Bank Account

It is merely an authorization from the Ministry of Labor to the Saudi Embassy to process the Saudi Work Visa, even though it is referred to as a work visa.

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Your own country’s agent

The Saudi visa you obtained from the Ministry of Labor will subsequently be forwarded to a representative in your home country by your firm. Keep in mind that acquiring a Saudi Work Visa is a lengthy procedure that requires the assistance of a third party. The agent’s contact information will be provided by your firm.

How long does it take to get a Saudi Arabia work visa and what is the processing time? It all depends on how quickly you inform your representative of your expectations.

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Work Visa Requirements in Saudi Arabia

The following are the prerequisites for obtaining a work visa in Saudi Arabia:

Passport that is valid for at least six months and has two blank pages. Make sure your passport does not have any current Israeli visa stamps; if it does, your Saudi visa will be rejected. Trending Now: Aramco signs $15.5 billion contract with a global consortium led by BlackRock to build a gas pipeline.
Medical Checkup for Saudi Visa Saudi Culture Office and Saudi Embassy attestation of degree In Saudi Arabia, only professionals are required to get a work visa.
Employment Contract – This Saudi Arabia work visa need will be handled by the agency.
The service will take care of obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate, which is required for work visas in Saudi Arabia.
The agency will arrange for the Protectorate of Emigrants stamp, which is essential for work permits in Saudi Arabia.
A recent color passport photo with a white background is required.
The genuine letter from the Saudi Arabian company that is sponsoring the application, certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This Saudi Arabia work visa need will be handled by the agency.
A completed application form printed in UPPER CASE in black ink or written in CAPITAL LETTERS in black ink. This Saudi Arabia work visa need will be handled by the agency.
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Time it takes to get a Saudi work visa

As previously indicated, a variety of variables determine the length of time it takes to get a Saudi Work Visa in Pakistan, India, the Philippines, or any other country. The most important factor is how quickly you submit all the requirements for a Saudi Arabia work visa to your agency.

In Pakistan, India, and the Philippines, I can confidently confirm that the typical processing time for Saudi work visas is 15 to 30 days. If your agent is unable to supply you with a stamped Saudi Arabia visa within the above-mentioned processing period, keep calm; things in Saudi embassies do not always go according to plan.

The Saudi Work Visa’s Validity

Before commencing the Saudi Work Visa procedure, you should know the validity of the visa stamps so that you can prepare properly. The validity term of the Saudi Work Visa written on your passport is 90 days, which means you must travel within that time range. Read More: How to Check your health insurance status in Saudi Arabia.

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The work visa printed on your passport will be valid for another 90 days from the date of your arrival in Saudi Arabia. Your employer must process your Iqama within this time limit.

Who will be responsible for the expense of the work visa?

Recruitment costs, fees for granting and renewing a residence permit (Iqama) and a work Permit, fees for renewal delays, fees for sponsorship transfer for employment, job title change fees, and exit re-entry visa fees are all things that the employer cannot make the employee pay for. – Article 40 of the Saudi Labor Law (1)

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Is it possible for women to apply for a Saudi work visa?

Female expats in Saudi Arabia who are looking for work. If they are above the age of 27, they can work in Saudi Arabia on their own, but they must be greeted at the airport by their sponsor or an agent of their sponsor.

Full-length lodging for the intended stay period must be confirmed in advance, which is almost often done for female employees. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News.

The minimum and maximum ages for applying for a Saudi Work Visa

To apply for a work visa in Saudi Arabia, you must be at least 18 years old and no older than 55 years old. An employer must first get special authorization from the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs before processing a Saudi work visa for someone above the age of 55.


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