Abu Dhabi Police Arrest 2 Men With 5KG of Cocaine in Suspected Drug Trafficking Operation – Gulf Insider

Abu Dhabi police have apprehended two individuals with five kilograms of cocaine with the intention to sell them in the country. The arrest of the two men – one of Latino descent and the other of Arab origin – has dealt a severe blow to an active international gang targeting Middle East countries to trade, promote narcotics, and exert negative influences on society.

Major Tahir Gharib Al-Zahri, Director of the Anti-Drugs Directorate in the Criminal Security Sector of Abu Dhabi Police, revealed that the successful operation was a result of proactive surveillance, corroborated intelligence, and the strategic implementation of a court security plan. The authority first monitored the movements of the Latino suspect and his Arab accomplice, leading to the apprehension and seizure of the illicit substances in their possession.

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The Abu Dhabi Police reaffirmed their unwavering commitment to combat the drug epidemic efficiently and competently, employing modern methods and technologies. These means have been instrumental in thwarting the elaborate schemes of drug dealers who employ various criminal methods to introduce harmful substances into the community, particularly targeting the youth.

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The Anti-Drug Directorate have adopted an advanced working system that utilises smart techniques and highly qualified, specialised human resources. This approach has proven effective in detecting and countering various types of criminal activities.

Abu Dhabi Police emphasised that anyone attempting to tamper with the laws of the state with the intent to exploit, promote, or trade-in narcotics will be dealt with an iron hand and face strict and uncompromising enforcement measures.

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Major Al-Zahri urged members of the community to strengthen their cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Police in the fight against the drug scourge. By providing security information through the hotline 8002626, residents can actively contribute to the safety and security of the community, ensuring a stable environment and protecting young people from the risks associated with drug-related crimes.


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