Saudi To Localise 35% Of Dental Profession From March 10, 2024 – Gulf Insider

Saudi Arabia announced on Wednesday the decision to implement 35% localisation of the dental profession in the private sector effective from March 10, 2024.

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD), in partnership with the Ministry of Health, will implement the decision.

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The ministries announced that the decision comes within their efforts to create more stimulating and productive job opportunities for male and female citizens all over the Kingdom.

The Ministry of Health explained that it will work to follow up and implement this decision, raising the citizens’ participation in the labour market.

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The Ministry of Health said that it will supervise its implementation in accordance with the requirements of the labour market and the specialisation of the dental profession.

The Ministry of Health also confirmed that private sector establishments will benefit from the incentives and support programs provided by MHRSD to help them employ Saudis.

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These include supporting the recruitment process and search of suitable workers; supporting the necessary training and qualification process; and supporting the recruitment and career continuity process.


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