Housing Rent Prices in Saudi Arabia 2023

Housing Rent Prices in Saudi Arabia

  • Average rent prices vary by region, city, and neighbourhood

In 2022, the highest average rent was in Jeddah and the lowest was in Najran and Buraida

  • Rent prices in Jeddah

Average floor rent: 20,971 Riyals

Average bungalow rent: 68,768 Riyals

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  • Rent prices in Al Khobar

Average house rent: 30,632 Riyals

  • Rent prices in Najran and Buraida
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Average one-room flat rent: 9,514 Riyals (Najran) / 9,573 Riyals (Buraida)

  • Rent prices in Riyadh, according to the ‘Ejar’ platform

Average flat rent: 18,543 Riyals

Average floor rent: 29,161 Riyals

Average bungalow rent: 58,650 Riyals

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  • Rent prices in Makkah

Average one-room flat rent: 15,329 Riyals

Average floor rent: 20,817 Riyals

Average bungalow rent: 31,954 Riyals

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Housing Rent Prices in Saudi Arabia 2023
Housing Rent Prices in Saudi Arabia 2023
  • Rent prices in Madinah

Average one-room flat rent: 14,472 Riyals

Average floor rent: 20,587 Riyals

Average bungalow rent: 38,987 Riyals

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In conclusion, housing rent prices in Saudi Arabia vary significantly depending on the region, city, and neighbourhood in which the property is located. In 2022, the highest average rents were recorded in Jeddah, while the lowest were in Najran and Buraida.

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Prices also varied within cities, with the average rent for a flat in Riyadh being 18,543 Riyals, while the average rent for a bungalow was 58,650 Riyals.

It is important for individuals or families looking to rent a home in Saudi Arabia to consider these variations and factor them into their budget and housing search.


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