There are eight gold market in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where you should buy gold 2022.

There are eight gold marketplaces in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where you should buy gold.

Saudi Arabia is a gold and petroleum-rich country. People travel from all over the world to do Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia, and they buy gold at Jeddah’s gold stores and markets. In this post, we’ve gathered eight gold souks in Jeddah.

Whether it’s a little ring or a huge necklace, women all over the world adore wearing jewelry. When jewelry is made of gold, it appears to be a woman’s own possession. Gold prices were at an all-time low during Hajj last year, encouraging activity in Jeddah’s gold merchants.

1.Kandara Gold Market (also known as Yamama Gold Market).

Gold Shop in KSA

Yamama Gold Market has replaced Kandara Gold Market in Jeddah. Type Yamama Gold Market into the search box on Google Maps to discover this place. Most older people who have lived in Jeddah for a long time call this area Kandara Gold Market.

Souq Yamama in Jeddah is a wonderful place to buy gold. This institution is one of my wife’s favorite places to buy gold. There are several designs from which to pick. A sales person who is fluent in English may be found in almost every company.

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While opinions differ, I feel the Kandara Gold Market in Jeddah, if not the entire country, is the greatest place to acquire gold. There are more than 100 gold shops in the region, making it easy for customers to buy gold at a fair price.

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2.Balad Gold Market in Jeddah

Gold Market in Jeddah-3

The Balad Gold Market in Jeddah sells high-quality gold. A wide range of jewelry is available at a reasonable price. It is the busiest and oldest market in Jeddah. There are numerous historic structures and traditional food to be found there. It’s also known as the Gold Souk in Balad.

Near the Jeddah Balad Gold Market lies the Sharbathili Building, a well-known landmark in the Balad district. Malabar Gold & Diamonds is the most well-known gold shop in Jeddah’s Balad Gold Market, which has others. On a map, the location of Jeddah Balad Gold Market can be found here.

3.Jeddah’s Safa Gold Market

Gold Market in Jeddah-1

With around 25 to 30 gold stores, the gold market in Jeddah’s Safa area is also a good spot to acquire gold. Although the prices are affordable, the assortment of jewelry is limited compared to the Kandara gold market. On Goops Maps, we’ve supplied the location of this site.

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4.Jeddah’s Bani Malik Gold Market

The Gold Market in Bani Malik, Jeddah, is a lovely spot with a number of gold shops. We found what we were looking for in less than an hour.

Some people at the cab drop-off area, on the other hand, try to get you to visit their store and buy what I suspect are fake watches. Don’t pay attention to what they’re saying. We have shared the location of the Gold Market in Bani Malik in this link.

5.Hindawiya District’s Gold Market

Gold Souq KSA

In Jeddah, the gold market beneath the Gold Building has long been a popular spot to purchase gold. It’s an antique building that has many memories for those who have lived in Jeddah for a long time.

However, I would not suggest this area to anyone trying to buy gold in Jeddah because the majority of the gold shops have gone.

6.Shopping Malls with Gold Shops

Gold shops abound in Jeddah’s many shopping malls, and the gold on sale is of good quality. However, I do have one complaint about those shops: they charge a higher price for gold than the market rate.

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There are various gold shops in Jeddah. Musalli & Raises jewelry boutiques may be located in a variety of locations, including Jeddah Mall, Al Najr International Souk, and Syrian Souk. Both Hera Mall and Hijaz Mall contain gold shops.

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7.Al Sagha’s Gold Souk

The Gold Souk of Al Sagha, in Jeddah’s southeast, specializes in the selling of gold, silver, and diamonds, and is a popular market during Islamic holidays like Hajj.

The Al Sagha souk in Jeddah has a plethora of gold stores. When buying gold jewelry from a gold shop, remember to negotiate as much as possible.

8.Mouawad Watches and Jewelry

Mouawad, a high-end jeweler and watchmaker, has opened its first store in Jeddah in Jameel Square. They provide cutting-edge, one-of-a-kind designs that are difficult to get anywhere else.

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Mouawad is a celebrity brand, with celebrities from the Middle East and throughout the world wearing Mouawad jewelry. The location of this gold business on Google Maps may be seen here.


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