Check Your Final Exit Visa Status: Step by Step Procedure

How to Check Your Final Exit Visa Status

Expats with a final exit visa can re-enter the Kingdom with a new visa

Visa for Final Exit

Expat residents must get a Final Exit Visa in order to leave Saudi Arabia permanently (Khurooj Nihai). Before you may leave the country permanently, your firm must provide you a final exit visa. Expats with a final exit visa can re-enter the Kingdom with a new visa. You may check your final exit visa status using either the MOL-KSA website or the Absher portal.

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How to Check the Status of Your Final Exit Visa on the MOL Website

You may check the status of your final exit visa by entering your Iqama number, passport number, or border number on the MOL website (Ministry of Labor).

Go to MOL website:

Fill in your ID number.

your final exit visa-1

After enter the ID Number & Captcha Code, You Should Click the Green Color Option.

If your firm has already granted you a Final Exit Visa, you will receive a “(khurooj nihai-final exit)” result in your work status as per the below Image.

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If your final departure has not yet been provided, then The result will be displayed like “(ala ras alamal-on the job)“. Trending Now: How to Apply for a Premium Residency ( the Saudi Green Card) Online.

your final exit visa-2

How to Check in Absher for Final Exit Visa?

You may also use the Absher site to check the status of your Final Exit Visa, but you must first register.

website for Absher:

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From the drop-down option, choose “Individuals.”

You have the option of choosing between English and Arabic.

By logging in, you may access the Absher platform.

From the drop-down option, choose “Dashboard.”

Select “More Details” from the name tab. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News.

As you scroll down, look for “Visa Class” under “Visa Information.”

If your Final Exit Visa has already been granted, your Visa Class will be “FINAL.”



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