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UAE citizens will be able to vote remotely – from inside and outside the country – at the next Federal National Council elections.

Announced on Thursday, the National Elections Committee issued a resolution that would overhaul the way voting works for the fifth round of elections.

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A new hybrid system will be used where remote votes will be combined with those counted at official polling stations, according to Wam.

The move is in line with the UAE’s digital transformation and will enforce the rule that each voter has only one vote. If they vote more than once, whether remotely or in the polling centre, only their last vote will be counted. The voter may not elect more than one candidate for the emirate to which they belongs.

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Voting remotely will take place via a specialised app and will start from the first day of the early voting period until the end of the main election day.

It was also decided there will be no election centres in diplomatic missions.

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