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A 10-year-old Emirati boy saved his family from a deadly fire in Sharjah on Wednesday, reported local newspaper Emarat al Youm.

The young boy, Ahmed Haitham Ahmed Al Naqbi, woke up after midnight, at around 2 am to inform his father of a burning smell coming from his bedroom at their residence in Sharjah’s Kalba area.

Upon inspection, the boy’s father, Haitham Ahmed Al-Naqbi, rushed to his children’s room where he found a fire spreading from the air conditioning unit across the bedroom, which was located right above Ahmed’s bed.

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Haitham swiftly evacuated his other two sons, Nahyan (9 years old) and Maktoum (8 years old) who were sleeping when the AC caught fire.

As per the report, Haitham narrated how he saw flames falling from the air conditioner onto his oldest son, Ahmed’s bed. Ahmed carried his little brother along with his father, as the rest of the family went to a safe area outside the premises of their home.

The fire alarm system had already alerted the authorities by this time due to the thick smoke emitted and heavy flames. The civil defence team rushed to their home and the fire was stopped in time from spreading to the rest of the house.

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Emarat al Youm quoted Haitham speaking proudly of his son’s vigilant response: “My son’s quick action contributed, within a few minutes, to preserving the lives of his siblings and his mother. His conscious awareness of the emergency situation that resulted from the smoke emitting from the air conditioner in his room made him protect his two brothers, as moments after the children’s room was evacuated, it completely caught fire.”

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Al-Naqbi also mentioned how his son Ahmed exudes a strong personality and has a keen sense of responsibility towards his brothers and family.

An avid lover of football, the brave boy plays the sport for the Kalba City Club and the UAE national football team. He also excels in academic skills and is always on the lookout to develop his skills.



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