travellers heading to India would be subject to quarantine.

travellers heading to India would be subject to quarantine.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare declared on Friday, January 7 that all overseas immigrants must undertake an obligatory seven-day home quarantine upon arrival in India.

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They would then be subjected to an RT-PCR test on the eighth day of their arrival. In light of the increased incidence of the Omicron strain, the Ministry modified its restrictions for travellers heading to India. From January 11 onwards, the new standard operating procedure will be in force.

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travellers heading to India

Children under the age of five were excused from both pre- and post-arrival testing, according to the Ministry. “However, if they are discovered to be symptomatic for Covid-19 upon arrival or during the home quarantine period, they will be tested and treated according to the established procedure,” the new set of recommendations read.

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