How to Apply for a Premium Residency ( the Saudi Green Card) Online.

How to Apply for a Green Card in Saudi Arabia Online (Premium Residency)

Premium Residency

Saudi expats who were ecstatic when the Saudi government announced its desire to grant the Saudi Green Card must now brace themselves, as the Saudi Green Card application process has officially commenced.

The Saudi Green Card (Premium Residence) facility will open for business on Sunday, June 23, 2019.

The Saudi green card (premium residency) Center will begin accepting and processing applications electronically on Sunday, June 23, 2019, as well as applying the “Saudi Green Card (Premium Residency System)” issued by Royal decree with the approval of the Council of Ministers, which is led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud, may Allah protect him. Read More: How to Register in Saudi Council of Engineers Tamil | தமிழ்

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How will Saudi green card applications be accepted and processed?

The Saudi green card (premium residency) centre must receive applications for the “Special Privilege Saudi Iqama” using the electronic platform “Saprc.”

The Center is pleased to serve people seeking a “Saudi green card (premium residence)” in Saudi Arabia using the “SAPRC” complete electronic platform, which allows applicants to upload all required documents and make electronic payments for operations. The platform also gives a high-level overview of the system and centre.

Saudi green cards will be offered in two varieties.

The Center provides two types of Saudi green cards (premium residence) in Saudi Arabia:

1- You can obtain a permanent Saudi green card for a one-time fee (premium residency).

2- You can receive a temporary Saudi green card for an annual cost (premium residency). Residents benefit from a variety of services.

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How much does it cost to receive a green card, either temporary or permanent?

Type of Saudi Iqama Amount
Temporary Saudi Iqama SR 100,000 ($26,666)
Permanent Saudi Iqama SR 800,000 ($213,333)

There are various phases to filling out and processing the Saudi Green Card application form.

There are three steps to get a “Saudi Green Card,” which we have outlined for our readers’ convenience.

1- Fill out the form completely.

2- The application is in the process of being reviewed (Attached all required documents).

3- Grants for Residency

Step 1: Complete the form. 

Complete the Form as per below described Images.

Premium Residency
Premium Residency
Premium Residency
Premium Residency
Premium Residency
the saudi green card-6

Step 2: Reviewing and Processing the Application.

20 images below are explaining the Review & Processing of the Applications

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the saudi green card-7
the saudi green card-8
the saudi green card-9
the saudi green card-9a
the saudi green card-10
the saudi green card-11
the saudi green card-12
green card saudi-13
green card saudi-14
green card saudi-15
green card saudi-16
green card saudi-17
green card saudi-18
green card saudi-19
green card saudi-20
green card saudi-21
green card saudi-22
Premium Residency
Premium Residency
Premium Residency

Step 3: Residency Grants

The applicant must respond within 30 days of receiving notification of the approval decision. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News.

The approval of the Saudi green card (premium residency system) would allow individuals who wish to settle or invest in the Kingdom to do so in accordance with the system’s requirements and in an attractive investment environment, assisting the Kingdom’s economy and citizens in growing and prospering.

The Center is a self-contained element of the Council on Economic Affairs and Development in terms of finances and administration.

To achieve its objectives, the Center works with government departments to provide complete services to those who have or desire to obtain a Saudi green card (premium residence) in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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