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The state of the economy continues to weigh on Brits’ minds and is perceived by many as one of the most pressing issues facing the United Kingdom today.

This is according to a rolling YouGov survey, which has been tracking the sentiments of people living in the country around major issues since 2011.

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As Statista’s Anna Fleck shows in the following chart, 54 percent of UK respondents said that the economy was among the three most pressing issues facing the country in October 2023.

This may come as no surprise, as the cost of living crisis, driven up by inflation, continues to be felt nationwide.

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The second most commonly cited issue was health, with 44 percent of respondents saying it was a major concern.

Health has ranked as one of the chief issues in the country since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. While the peak of the pandemic has passed, the state of healthcare in the country continues to struggle as the already overburdened NHS has been pushed deep into crisis, with severe staffing shortages and major delays for services and treatments.

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