Children under the age of 12 are admitted free to the Boulevard Riyadh City – Entertainment Authority

Children under the age of 12 are admitted free to the Boulevard Riyadh City – Entertainment Authority

The Boulevard Riyadh City

Saudi Arabia’s General Entertainment Authority (GEA) has announced that children under the age of 12 would be permitted to access the “Boulevard Riyadh City” area for free.

This was revealed in a message from the authority’s Twitter account, which stated, “Entry is free of charge in the Boulevard Riyadh City area for those under the age of 12.”

The second edition of the Riyadh Season 2021 kicked out last Wednesday with the theme “Imagine More.” The Boulevard squares were packed with people in an engaging and inventive ambiance that wowed everyone.

It featured almost 1,500 fancy-dress performers, 2,760 drones, and performances devoted to the Samaritan dance, all in a fantastic setting with a large turnout of people who experienced hours of fun.

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Riyadh Season 2021

The Riyadh season in 2021 comprises several well-planned activities that appeal to people from all walks of life. These exclusive deals and activities will last for four months. They are notable for their versatility, since they feature high-end restaurants and cafés, electronic games, and well-known worldwide retailers.

Wonderland, Riyadh Front, Combat Field, Al Murabba, Al-Athrya, Riyadh Safari, Riyadh Oasis, Riyadh Pulse, The Groves, Zaman Village, Khalluha, and the Peace Tree are among the activities scheduled for the 2021 Riyadh season. Trending Now: Expats can invest in real estate funds in Makkah and Madina in Saudi Arabia.

Event at Dinosaur World:

Dinosaur World, a family and individual-oriented event, debuted earlier this week in the studio area of the Boulevard Riyadh City.

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The event’s goal is to allow attendees to journey through time with the help of specialists while learning about life among dinosaurs. The experience lasts 70 minutes and is like going on one of the best safari expeditions. Tickets may be purchased by Clicking here.

Visitors will travel virtually on a group of trips aboard the event’s time machine, which can accommodate up to 38 people and each trip lasts about 12 minutes, in an experience that simulates meeting live dinosaurs and wandering through the Stone Age plains, with the help of pioneering technology provided by the ‘Dinosaur World’ event.

The visitor’s adventure into the world of dinosaurs begins with a 360° theatre display, followed by scientific experiments in an unique lab, a tour of the dinosaur park, and information on the dinosaur’s life phases.

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The Boulevard Riyadh City-1

The event introduces attendees to the world of dinosaurs in English during two periods, the first beginning at 5 p.m. and the second beginning at 8 p.m., with souvenir shopping available at the event’s souvenir store. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News.

– Riyadh City Boulevard is the most significant entertainment attraction and the largest location for the Riyadh season 2021 activities. In addition to indoor and outdoor sessions appropriate for families and individuals, the area offers many entertainment venues, shopping stores, game centers, theatres, restaurants, and cafés, as well as theatrical performances and a musical environment that meets the taste of guests.


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