talabat Bahrain Donates to UN World Food Programme To Aid Humanitarian Relief in Palestine – Gulf Insider


talabat Bahrain has donated BHD 200,000 to the United Nations World Food Programme (UNWFP) to support its humanitarian relief efforts for those affected by the ongoing crisis in Palestine. The donation aims to enable critical assistance and a food lifeline for those in Gaza who need it the most.

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In addition to this donation to WFP, talabat has also partnered with local charities, including the Royal Humanitarian Foundation and the Bahrain Red Crescent.

WFP is a humanitarian organization providing food assistance and development to those affected by conflict, disasters, and climate change. It has operated in the region since 1991, delivers aid through local implementing partners, and is committed to building a pathway to peace, stability, and prosperity.

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talabat is supporting WFP as the organisation for providing a food lifeline to those who need it most.



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