Staying after “Final exit” visa is punishable-SR 1000 fine.

Staying after “Final exit” visa is punishable by SR 1000 fine.

Staying after “Final exit” visa is punishable by an SR 1000 fine.

Final exit punishable by SR 1000…

According to Jawazat, any expatriate who is on a Final Exit Visa and does not leave the kingdom during the duration of the Final Exit Visa would be fined SR 1000.

Failure to leave the kingdom within the validity time would result in a fine of SR 1000 for the expat in Saudi Arabia, according to Jawazat in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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Staying after “Final exit” visa is punishable by an SR 1000 fine.

The Final Exit Visa will be valid for 60 days and will allow an expat to leave the kingdom after completing all procedures with the departing firm and making full and final payment. If the expat fails to leave Saudi Arabia, a fine of SR 1000 will be levied.

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Iqama is necessary for the revocation of a Final Exit Visa.

** Note **: Iqama must also be valid; if Iqama is not valid after the Final Exit Visa has expired, extra penalties for failing to renew Iqama will be imposed.

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Many expats have encountered and continue to confront this problem in the kingdom. To avoid penalties and fines, I advised all of my expat brothers and sisters to leave the country within the validity of their Final Exit Visa.

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