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The battle between the music industry and artificial intelligence continues, with reports claiming that Spotify is taking down AI-generated music. A Financial Times report revealed that the music streaming platform has removed 7% of all songs created by AI music startup Boomy, amounting to “tens of thousands” of songs. Spotify is also said to be ramping up its policing of the platform in light of the situation.

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This comes after Spotify and other streaming services began receiving complaints of fraud and clutter on the platform. Music industry giant Universal Music Group (UMG) alerted streaming service providers of “suspicious streaming activity” on Boomy tracks, according to FT sources. Ultimately, the songs were removed due to the suspected “artificial streaming” of bots posing as listeners, Spotify commented, saying:

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Representatives from Boomy said the platform is “categorically against” all manipulation or artificial streaming of any kind. Last month, UMG emailed streaming services, including Spotify, to request they block AI services from accessing music catalogues for training purposes. UMG has also sent requests “left and right” to remove AI-generated songs from platforms.

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While music industry giants are fighting to control AI, other artists such as Grimes are championing the technology. The musician permitted creators to use her voice and be a “guinea pig” for AI music creation as long as a small set of rules were followed and royalties were split. 



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