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The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) called on holders of various types of visit visas who are staying in the Kingdom to strictly comply with the visa rules and regulations and extend its validity electronically seven days before its expiry. It clarified that there is no need to visit the Jawazat offices for renewal purposes.

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The directorate said that the single-entry visit visa can be extended seven days before its expiration via the Ministry of Interior’s electronic services platform, Absher. The renewal can be made through Absher Afrad (individuals) and Absher Aamal (business), as well as through the Muqeem electronic portal.

The beneficiary shall enter his account on Absher and make payment of the service fee for the visit visa extension. For the extension, the visitor is required to have valid medical insurance. The visa extension procedures shall be completed in accordance with the prescribed terms and conditions. The total extension period of the visit visa must not exceed 180 days.

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The directorate said that if the beneficiaries face any difficulties in taking advantage of this service electronically, they can submit a request to the Jawazat through its communication service on the Absher platform. The specialised team at the directorate will examine the case and notify the status of the request through a text message, the directorate said in a statement.

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