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The Ministry of the Interior’s Agency for Civil Status clarified that it is not permissible to take photographs of the national ID card of Saudi citizens to be used for the social media TikTok application. This disclosure was made after a citizen complained about TikTok’s requests to photograph the national ID card from all directions and attach it to the application.

The Civil Status agency also stressed that banks are not allowed to photocopy the national ID and instead can only review its data and return it to its owner. The clarification came in response to a citizen who reported that a bank employee asked to photograph her ID to open an account

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The agency also stated that the national ID card can be renewed during the period starting from 180 days before its expiry. The Customer Care service of the agency responded to a citizen’s request to renew the national ID of his mother even though it has a validity of 10 years. It was found that the ID is valid until the year 1455 AH and that it does not have the name and other details in the English language. It was pointed out that banks refused to open accounts for holders of old-issue national ID cards valid for the next 10 years.

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The Civil Status agency reiterated that renewal is only necessary during the period starting 180 days before its expiry. It stated that the procedures for the renewal of ID takes a maximum of about five working days. A fine of SR100 will be charged for issuing an ID for the second time to replace the damaged original one.

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