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A new salary guide has shown what employees can demand in 190 different roles in Saudi Arabia. In its Saudi Arabia Salary Guide 2023, Hays Middle East has provided comprehensive salary data for roles across nine industries in the Kingdom, from accounting and finance, construction and property, HR, legal, manufacturing, marketing and digital, procurement and supply chain, sales, and technology. The highest paid jobs are in the construction and property sector, with some roles commanding as high as $93,000 in a single month, according to the report.

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It was also highlighted that the labour market in Saudi Arabia is robust and dynamic, with high levels of recruitment activity across various sectors. In 2022, 70 per cent of employers reported that their organization’s headcount increased, most commonly by more than 10 per cent. This is a significant increase from the 43 per cent of employers who reported the same in 2021.

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Recruitment activity in the Kingdom shows no signs of slowing, with 89 per cent of employers planning to recruit permanent employees in 2023. Most employers are focusing their recruitment efforts in-country in Riyadh (69 per cent), Jeddah (56 per cent), and/or the Eastern Province (41 per cent). With organizations competing for the best talent, opportunities abound for individuals with the most sought-after skills.

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The Hays Saudi Arabia Salary Guide also indicates that 53 per cent of employees received a salary increase in 2022. The most common rate of change increased from 5 per cent or less to between 6 – 10 per cent, reflecting salary growth in the country. A significant 79 per cent of employers expect salaries within their organization to increase in 2023, further indicating the economy’s positive trajectory.

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