Saudi National Address Registration: Step by Step Procedure | SPL Website

Saudi National Address Registration: Step by Step Procedure | SPL Website

On the Saudi Postal Service’s (SPL) website, how to register a national address

Registration of National Addresses

Saudi Post produces the National Address, which is a worldwide recognized standard address. Individuals and residents can use it to access a variety of services, including home delivery, e-commerce, and postal services (Wasel). You may now complete your Saudi National Address Registration on the SPL Saudi Post website. This article explains how to register a national address using SPL in a few simple steps.

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Go to the SPL website and log in with your Saudi Post online login and password, or use the National Single Sign-on option, which needs an Absher username and password, to register a national address. You can create a new account on the SPL Online website by following the steps outlined below.

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How to sign up for an account on the Saudi Post (SPL) website

To visit the SPL online website, go to

From the “Sign Up” tab, choose “Individual”.

On the following screen, enter your Iqama number and specify your date of birth, then click “Continue”.

After you’ve entered your email address and phone number, click “Continue”.

After inputting the activation code sent to your phone, click “Continue”.

On the following screen, create a new username and password, then click “Continue”.

Keep in mind that your password must contain both capital and lowercase characters, as well as numerals.

A notice will display that says, “Your account has been successfully established.”

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How to Register a National Address on the Saudi Post Website

To visit the SPL Online website, go to

Go to the SPL website and create an account.

From the drop-down option, choose “Addresses”.

The option “National Address” should be chosen.

Complete the following fields:

Building Number (Four digits)




Saudi National Address Registration-1

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From the drop-down option, choose “Verify.”

Make a selection about the street name.

On the next page, fill in the following information about your lodging:

Apartments or villas are the two types of accommodations available. (You must also supply the unit number if you select “flat.”)

Ownership of Housing: Rent or Buy?

You’ll notice a notification that says, “Dear Customer, your address will be created according to your submission.”

“Please be aware that incorrect inputs may subject you to legal liability.” –  Choose “Yes”.


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When you’ve finished the registration procedure, you’ll get a message that states, “National address successfully registered.”


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