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It is not allowed to transfer the service of a domestic worker from one individual sponsor to another if there was a ‘runaway’ (huroob) complaint registered against the worker earlier. This was announced by the Musaned platform for domestic labour services, under the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development (MHRSD).

The portal stated that the transfer of services from one individual sponsor to another is an exclusive service for domestic workers, and it has been set that the worker was not involved in a huroob report as the prerequisite for the transfer.

The platform emphasized that the request to transfer the service is processed based on the duly approved recruitment rules and regulations for issuing visas and transferring services from the ministry.

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According to Musaned, the steps for transferring domestic worker service from one individual to another are as follows: The current employer submits a request to transfer services from one individual to another through the Musaned platform, and then enters the data of the worker and the new employer.

The platform indicated that completing the process of transferring service takes a maximum period of 23 days. The duration for the completion of the process depends on the speed of response of the parties involved in the contractual relationship and the completion of the request through the Absher platform.

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It is noteworthy that MHRSD allowed the transfer of the service of domestic workers between individual employers through the Musaned platform effective from Aug. 1, 2023. The new service allows Saudi citizens to transfer services of domestic workers from their current employer to a new employer through the platform with easier electronic steps, and that is in accordance with the terms and conditions and regulations of recruitment.

The transfer process would take place after the approval of all parties involved in the contractual relationship, such as the current employer, the domestic worker, and the new employer. The payment process shall be undertaken via reliable electronic payment channels through the platform, and that is strictly in accordance with the price ceiling set by the ministry,” Musaned said in an earlier statement.

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The ministry has established the Musaned platform as its official website for household services and home employment programs, and it provides multiple services to improve and facilitate the recruitment journey.


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