Saudi Labor Law Article 80 (Termination without benefits)

Saudi Labor Law Article 80 (Termination without benefits)

The Saudi Labor Law Article 80

According to Article 80 of the Saudi Labor Law, an employer may fire a worker without paying End of Service Benefits or providing a notice period under nine situations. However, you are still entitled to the underpaid wages.

Article 80 terminations, on the other hand, can only take place after the employee has been given a reasonable opportunity to explain why he or she opposes the termination. The nine situations are as follows:

The Saudi Labor Law Article 80,

1– Worker attacks employer

If a worker assaults his or her employer or any of his or her representatives while at work or as a result of his or her employment, the employer has the right to terminate him under Article 80. (1).

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2- The employee fails to carry out his responsibilities.

The employer has the authority to terminate an employee who does not follow Article 80 (2).

Execute his critical obligations.

Observe all legal directives.

Keep all safety precautions in mind.

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3- Employee Misconduct

An employer may terminate an employee for misconduct, dishonesty, or violation without having to pay a notice period under Saudi Labor Law Article 80 (3).

4- Mistake made on purpose

If the employer reports the conduct to the proper authorities within 24 hours, an act of making a deliberate error with the aim to injure the employer can result in instant termination without benefits under Saudi Labor Law Article 80 (4).

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Employee can be terminated-1

5- Document falsification

Under Article 80, if an employee is found guilty of document fabrication, he can be sacked without any ESB (5).

6- Probationary period

An employee may be fired during their probationary term under Article 80. (6).

7- Workplace Absence

Saudi Labor Law Article 80 (7) permits an employer to terminate a worker without pay if he is away from work for more than 30 days in a year without receiving a written notice from the employer.

15 days in a row, including a formal warning from the employer after 10 days.

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8- Undue advantages

Under Article 80, an employer has the right to terminate an employee who abuses his or her position of responsibility at work for personal advantage (8).


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In addition, the Saudi public prosecution warned in one of its tweets that leaking personal material might result in a 20-year jail sentence and an SR 1 million fine.

Article 80 is essentially a mirror image of Saudi Labor Law Article 81, which allows workers to leave without cause.


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