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The General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat) has answered in a statement several common questions about the e-passport. The Jawazat said that individuals seeking to issue the e-passport must book an appointment through Absher to check the Jawazat office in the region.

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Regarding the price of the passport, the Jawazat confirmed that the fees for issuing and renewing the passport are still the same and have not changed — SR300 for 5 years, and SR600 for 10 years.The previous passport will still be issued even after the launch of the new e-passport, Jawazat confirmed.

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The Jawazat said that it is possible for a citizen to make a request to replace the old passport with the e-passport, even if it is still valid, but only after 6 months of its issuance. Replacing the old passport with the e-passport is not mandatory.

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