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Authorities in the Kingdom have arrested several people across the country for drug-related offences, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Wednesday. The General Directorate of Narcotics Control arrested five residents in Jeddah for possessing methamphetamine. Those detained included four Pakistani nationals and one Bangladeshi.

Police arrested a citizen in Jouf for possession of amphetamine, hashish, two firearms, and live ammunition, while the Criminal Investigation Department in Hail was arrested for the trading of amphetamines.

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Preliminary legal procedures have been completed and all seized narcotics handed over to the authorities. All those arrested have been referred to the Public Prosecution. Suspected drug offences can be reported on the toll-free number 911 in the Makkah and Riyadh regions, and 999 or 996 in other regions of the Kingdom.

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Punishment for drug-related crimes in Saudi Arabia is severe, including long-term jail sentences and even execution. Amphetamines are largely used by young men and teenage boys in the Middle East. The money raised through the sale of narcotics is usually ploughed back into the drug trade, with some cash being used to finance organized crime and terrorism.

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