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Saudi authorities seized hundreds of kilogrammes of drugs and made several arrests in operations carried out throughout the country.

In the Jazan region, Border Guard land patrols in Al-Ardah governorate thwarted an attempt to smuggle 120 kg of qat, while in Al-Dayr governorate, officers held seven people in connection with a bid to sneak through 105 kg of qat.

In another incident in Jazan, security patrols arrested an Ethiopian national for allegedly smuggling 163 kg of qat in Al-Ardah governorate.

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Also, in the southwest of the Kingdom, officials from the Jazan regional Criminal Investigation and Research Department arrested a Yemeni over the trafficking of hashish.

And in an operation run by the General Directorate of Narcotics Control, two Saudis were held in the Al-Edabi governorate of Jazan for trying to smuggle amphetamines.

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Meanwhile, in the Makkah region, police arrested a Saudi national for allegedly trafficking in methamphetamine, heroin, amphetamine, and controlled drugs.

Another Saudi was arrested in Qassim by General Directorate of Narcotics Control officers in connection with the trafficking of hashish and amphetamine.

All the cases have been referred to the Public Prosecution Department.

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Saudi security chiefs have urged anyone with information about suspected drug smuggling or selling to contact authorities. In the Eastern Province, Makkah, and Riyadh regions, citizens can call 911, or 999 in other regions. The directorate can be contacted by phone at 995 or via email at [email protected]. All reports will be confidential.



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