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Saudi Arabia’s Defence Ministry has executed two military personnel who were accused of committing treason, the Saudi Press Agency said on Thursday.

The two defendants were identified as pilot Majed bin Mousa Awad and chief sergeant Yousef bin Reda Hassan Al Azouni.

The men were arrested in 2017. The first was charged with committing military treason and failing to preserve the interests of the nation and military honour, while the other faced the same charges, as well as “high, national and military treason.”

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They were referred to court and “were provided with all the judicial guarantees”, said SPA. After confessing “two rulings were issued against them proving that they were guilty of what they were accused of, and they were sentenced to death”, SPA said.

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The two defendants were executed on Thursday in the Taif region.

In April 2021, Saudi Arabia executed three soldiers who were convicted of “high treason” and “co-operating with the enemy”, the kingdom’s defence ministry said.

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It said that the three men had been sentenced to death by a special court after a fair trial.


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