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The Board of Directors of the Water and Electricity Regulatory Authority in Saudi Arabia has given the green light to the “Regulation for Control, Proof and Adjudication of Violations of the Provisions of the Electricity Law”.

The newly approved regulation outlines specific penalties for violations related to tampering with electrical service meters and their accessories.

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Under the new framework:

• A fine of 5,000 riyals will be imposed for tampering with the standard electrical service meter or any of its accessories.

• If the tampering involves an electrical service meter or its accessories with a breaker capacity ranging between (200) and (400) amperes, the fine increases to 15,000 riyals.

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• The fine escalates sharply to 50,000 riyals for tampering with an electrical service meter or its components that have a breaker capacity exceeding (400) amperes.

Additionally, the authority highlighted that the maximum penalty for infractions such as unauthorized use of the electrical system, illegal connections, or assisting others in such activities would be capped at a hefty 500,000 riyals.

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