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Saudi Arabia has reported a significant food loss and waste rate of approximately 33 per cent, translating to an alarming 4 million tonnes of food annually. This amounts to an estimated value of SR40 billion, according to a recent study by the National Programme to Reduce Food Loss and Waste.

The concerning statistics were made public in line with the International Day of Awareness of Food Loss and Waste (IDAFLW), which is observed on September 29 each year.

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In response, the General Food Security Authority (GFSA), under the representation of the National Programme, initiated a comprehensive awareness campaign on Friday.

The campaign is strategically launched to highlight the criticality of food security, encourage responsible consumption practices and inspire the implementation of effective solutions geared towards minimising food waste.

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Ahmad Al Faris, Governor of GFSA, has affirmed Saudi Arabia’s commitment to enhancing the sustainability of its natural resources and significantly reducing the loss and waste rate to approximately 10 per cent of the present rate by the year 2030.

Highlighting GFSA’s proactive approach, Al Faris announced the launch of a campaign aimed at raising awareness about the importance of responsible consumer behaviour.

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He emphasised that fostering awareness is a powerful means to positively influence the behaviour of individuals within the community.

Al Faris went on to report that the awareness campaign has garnered remarkable engagement from various segments of society, including government agencies, the private sector, and associations.

This enthusiastic response reflects a collective commitment to achieving sustainability goals.



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