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The Ministry of Works has announced the successful completion of a road development project in Block 805, Isa Town, as part of its ongoing efforts to enhance traffic flow and safety in the interior areas of Bahrain.

The project aimed to alleviate congestion, improve rainwater drainage, and provide essential amenities for citizens and residents.

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The project involved the development of several roads within Complex 805, including roads 502, 504, 506, and 510.

Key improvements included the construction of side sidewalks, the establishment of a comprehensive rainwater drainage network, the creation of parking facilities, and the enhancement of lighting systems.

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Additionally, the project focused on installing traffic signs, information boards, and safety barriers where necessary.

Underground channels were also constructed to protect and relocate conflicting services. The Ministry expressed its gratitude to all road users for their cooperation and compliance with traffic signals throughout the project’s duration.

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It also extended its apologies for any inconvenience caused during the construction period.

The completion of this project ensures the preservation and continuous development of the existing road network, fostering improved traffic safety and convenience for all.



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