GACA revises regulations to address cancelled flight tickets.


GACA revises regulations to address cancelled flight tickets.

Regulations for Cancelled Flight Tickets

The General Authority of Civil Aviation published new instructions for handling tickets for cancelled flights on Thursday and instructed air carriers operating in the Kingdom that cancelled any flights due to (Corona) to handle the travelers circumstances.

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The authority clarified that if the travelers chooses to cancel the contract, the value of the unused itinerary will be returned to him according to the method of payment, and if an exchange voucher is issued to the travelers, he will be able to reuse or retrieve it as desired, without paying any additional fees or charges. Trending Now: One Dirham Air Ticket – Cebu Pacific Action Offer…!

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Ticket Cancel Regulations GACA

It should be noted that if the passenger agrees to reschedule his journey, this does not imply collecting extra amounts or costs if the travel is on the same itinerary.

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They also emphasized that if a passenger wants a change in itinerary, the airline has the right to charge just the price difference, with no additional costs for rescheduling or issuance. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News




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