MBC GROUP has been named as a key partner of the Red Sea International Film Festival.

MBC GROUP has been named as a key partner of the Red Sea International Film Festival.

MBC Group & Red Sea International

MBC GROUP, the largest and leading media organization in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), has joined the Red Sea International Film Festival as a festival partner. Given the enormous scope of this cinematic event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Arab world, this cooperation is extremely beneficial to the Red Sea International Film Festival, which celebrates its debut edition this December.

The Red Sea International Film Festival, which takes place in Jeddah, will be elevated and publicized as part of the relationship with MBC GROUP. This includes airing the festival’s events and aiding the festival in attracting local talent to MBC’s special “Talent Days” workshop.

Several MBC STUDIOS works will premiere or be shown during the festival as part of the strategic relationship. Two of them are in the “New Saudi Cinema” category: Hakim Jomah’s “Kayan,” Omar Naim’s “Route Ten,” and Hamzah Jamjoom’s “Rupture,” which is participating in the Red Sea Competition. Read More: How can I apply for a work visa in Saudi Arabia?

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Becoming & Talent Days

Furthermore, “Becoming,” a film produced by the Red Sea International Film Festival and set to premiere at the event on December 8, 2021, will be accessible to stream in the MENA area immediately after the festival on Shahid VIP, MBC GROUP’s premium SVOD streaming platform. The premiere of “Becoming” falls on the same day as a major festival event honoring women’s empowerment.

The Red Sea International Film Festival’s “Talent Days” event, which takes place 12-13 December in conjunction with MBC GROUP, is meant for budding and amateur filmmakers, scriptwriters, and producers in the region in terms of mentoring and training. The programme, which includes workshops, keynote speeches, and panel discussions on a variety of film-related topics, provides an opportunity for up-and-coming talent to learn from leading local, regional, and international experts while also setting new benchmarks for the film industry in Saudi Arabia.

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Shahid will offer a cash prize of $100,000 to a Saudi project in development or production during the Festival’s “Talent Days” event, with the winning title being displayed across the MENA region. Trending Now: How to Make a Money Transfer from STCPay to a Foreign Bank Account

Red Sea International Film-1

“MBC GROUP and the Red Sea International Film Festival have a common goal for the region’s young in media and film production,” said Jana Yamani, Executive Director of MBC Academy, MBC Talent, and MBC Al Amal. This generation of young talent is made up of ambitious changemakers that want to not only make an effect, but also reshape the media and entertainment content landscape in the area.”

“We feel that our cooperation with the festival creates a synergy that develops and shows the amount of ability and creativity that exists among our Saudi youth,” she concluded. The Red Sea International Film Festival, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, provides a unique platform for new talent to make their imprint on the Arab World and beyond. It is our responsibility to demonstrate their powers to the rest of the globe.”

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“It is our honor to engage with the media behemoth, MBC GROUP as our festival partner,” Shivani Pandiya Malhotra, Managing Director of the Red Sea International Film Festival, said of the historic alliance. MBC’s knowledge and perspectives are highly beneficial to us, our artists, and our visitors as the pioneering media organization in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the region. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News.

“At the Red Sea International Film Festival, our goal is to empower young people by giving them a platform and a creative outlet for storytelling.” Our efforts are magnified by MBC’s commitment to the festival, which aims to encourage cross-cultural interchange and the expansion of the Arab film industry. The festival is aimed to establish the Kingdom as a contributor to the worldwide cinema industry, while also developing and delivering a world-class event for the people of the country, in collaboration with our partner MBC, which has a vast reach across the region.”


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