Real Estate and Cinema vocations in the Kingdom are being saudized.


Real Estate and Cinema vocations in the Kingdom are being saudized.

The Saudi Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development announced on Friday the start of implementing the decisions on Saudization of real estate and movie professions, noting that they became effective once the grace period was over.

According to the Ministry, the decision to localize real estate activities and professions includes limiting work to Saudis in real estate brokerage professions such as real estate broker, sale and rental broker, land and real estate broker, land and real estate registry clerk, marketer, Real Estate Manager of Owners Association.

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The ruling also applies to sustainable construction professions such as certified sustainable engineer, certified resident engineer, quality inspector engineer, and prefabricated building inspector, as well as real estate control professions such as arbitrator and repairman. Trending Now: Is it possible to leave the Kingdom, if traffic fines are not paid? Jawazat replies to the question.

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The decision also includes the Saudization of 70% of the total number of workers in government facilities in real estate activities in owned or leased properties, real estate activities based on fees or contracts, and other subsidiary activities, provided that the number of Saudis in the facility is at least one Saudi employee.

The first phase of the decision included limiting work to 100 percent Saudi citizens in sales professions such as ticket sales inside the cinema, sales of drinks and food inside the cinema, retail sales inside the cinema, and supervisory professions inside the cinema for cinema activities and all its affiliated activities such as producing films and television programmes.

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According to the Ministry, the decision would result in the creation of more than 11,000 employment. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News



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