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It’s a place the average person will spend 90,000 hours at over their lifetime. While going to work is a necessity for the vast majority, long hours, tiresome commutes and overwhelming to-do lists are easier if a job is enjoyable. But many may not know what they can do to feel happier at work.

Professor Cary Cooper is a psychology and health professor at the University of Manchester, who led a UK government research project on how well-being and resilience change throughout a person’s life. Professor Cooper, with the help of the think-tank New Economics Foundation, revealed his seven tips for finding happiness at work-

  1. Be active – Keeping active outside of business hours could be the key to happiness in any workplace.
  2. Connect with people – As well as those in the office, your relationships outside of work can also be key to you feeling happy when you’re there.
  3. Learn new skills – But whether it’s learning to knit, bake or draw, staying ‘cognitively active’ is critical to your psychological and mental well-being.
  4. Stay present – Living in the moment rather than focusing on what has been or is to come could also lead to a healthy work-life balance. If you enjoy the present, you will appreciate daily life more.
  5. Recognise the positives – Trying to be more of a glass-half-full person rather than a glass-half-empty could help you recognise the good things in your life.
  6. Avoid unhealthy habits – Whether it be alcohol, coffee or smoking that is a person’s coping mechanism of choice, research shows that is not the best way to de-stress.
  7. Work smarter, not longer – Your workload should be kept to work hours and organising your work day in the most efficient way will help make this possible. Focusing on the most important tasks will ensure what really needs done, gets done.
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