Procedure of Amicable Settlement, if Worker did not receive his benefits upon end of Contract

Procedure of Amicable Settlement, if Worker did not receive his benefits upon end of Contract

Posted by : Aahil Shaik
Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Procedure of Amicable Settlement, if the Worker did not receive his benefits upon the end of Contract

The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia clarified the procedure of Amicable Settlement to follow, in case of a worker does not receive all of his benefits after the end of his contract with the company. Trending Video : Probationary period as per Saudi Labor Law

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The Ministry through its official X account said that, the person who suffered an injustice in that situation could submit a claim through the Amicable Settlement Service for labor disputes from the following link.

– The response from the Ministry came to a question received from one of the User, in which he asked, How can I file a complaint against a company that did not pay me all my dues after the end of the contract and it did not remove my name from the health insurance.

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What is Amicable Settlement Service in Ministry of Human Resources :

The Ministry of Human Resources offers a service for friendly resolution of labor disputes between employees and employers. Through the Ministry of Human Resources website, users can electronically use the amicable settlement service.

– The friendly settlement service enables amicable settlement to be carried out as the first stage of considering labor dispute claims between the worker and the employer. Alternately, you can refer the case to the Labor Court within 21 working days starting on the first session date.

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– The friendly settlement focuses on labor dispute lawsuits involving employment contracts, pay, rights, work-related injuries, compensation, dismissal, and the imposition of disciplinary sanctions on the employee.

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