Penalties for selling counterfeit Gold in Saudi Arabia


Penalties for selling counterfeit Gold in Saudi Arabia

Posted by : Aahil Shaik
Tuesday, July 4, 2023

Penalties for selling counterfeit Gold in Saudi Arabia

According to authorities in the Ministry of Commerce of Saudi Arabia, those who violate the rules governing the selling of gold will face legal consequences. They stated that anyone found in violation of the Precious Metals and Gemstones Law faces a sentence of no more than two years in prison, a fine of no more than SR400,000, or both. Join Saudi Expatriates Telegram channel

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To make sure that the gold sales outlets complying to the law, the supervisory teams from the ministry are conducting inspection tours. The Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO)’s laboratories are where the inspection teams gather samples of precious metals and stones to determine whether or not they are in compliance with the requirements. 

– The supervision teams make sure the stamp is genuine and that there isn’t any shortage of gold during the rounds of visits. They examine the retail locations to identify any businesses operating without a license or with an expired license, as well as to ensure that the invoice contains all necessary information and to assess the purity and quality of the gold. Trending : New sites of Gold and Copper discovered in Saudi Arabia

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– Gold sales are increasing significantly during the Hajj season, according to Salah Al-Ammari, an investor in the gold industry. This is due to the pilgrims’ desire to purchase gold for their own use or to take back to their home nations as keepsakes. He claimed that pilgrims like to purchase chains, rings, and bracelets made of 21 carat gold.

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Penalties for selling counterfeit Gold in Saudi Arabia - Saudi-Expatriates.com

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