One Dirham Air Ticket – Cebu Pacific Action Offer…!

One Dirham Air Ticket – Cebu Pacific Action Offer…!

Dubai-Manila & Manila-Dubai

Dubai – Manila Airlines is entering its eighth year of operation with Cebu Pacific Airlines of the Philippines. Following this, the company has decided to sell a one-way ticket between Dubai and Manila for 1 dirham.

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To travel from June 1, 2022 to August 31, 2022, tickets must be booked between October 10 – 15.

Dubai to Manila

One Dirhams Air Ticket

Similarly, a peso between Manila and Dubai can be booked by October 14th. Trending Now: Saudi Arabia permits direct entrance of school and university instructors from countries with travel bans.

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Manila to Dubai

One Dirhams Air Ticket

So, Cebu Pacific offers you the opportunity to travel from Dubai to Manila in one Dirham and from Manila to Dubai in one peso. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News

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Ticket bookings can be made directly through the airline’s website.


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