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The National Center of Meteorology (NCM) revealed that the tropical condition of the extremely Severe Cyclonic Storm Tej in the Arabian Sea would not have a direct impact on the atmosphere of Saudi Arabia. However, its indirect effects will be represented by experiencing moderate to heavy rain, accompanied by activity in dusty surface winds, from Tuesday to Thursday during this week on the Empty Quarter desert, and parts of the Najran region in the Al-Kharkhir and Sharurah governorates.

According to the NCM forecast, the tropical condition of Tej in the Arabian Sea will range in strength from a tropical cyclone of the fourth degree to the first degree, and then will have a tropical storm ending with a deep tropical depression, during the period from Sunday until Wednesday, and it will be accompanied by effects, characterized by very heavy rain, high-speed winds, and high waves.

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It is predicted to intensify into a severe cyclonic storm on Sunday and move towards the south coasts of Oman and adjoining Yemen. The center revealed that the condition on Sunday is classified as a third-degree tropical cyclone, with a speed between 178 – 251 km/hour as of 5:30 pm, on the island of Socotra and near the coasts of Oman and Yemen.

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Parts of Oman and Yemen will be affected by the tropical situation starting from Monday until Wednesday in the following way: On Monday, it will be classified as a third-degree tropical cyclone with wind speeds between 178 – 208 km/hour at 5:30 am. Then there will be a category 2 tropical cyclone with wind speeds of 154-177 kilometers per hour until 5:30 p.m.

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On Tuesday, the tropical condition will be classified at 5:30 am as a first-degree tropical cyclone with wind speeds between 119-153 km/hour, and then as a tropical storm with wind speeds of 62-118 km/hour at 5:30 pm. On Wednesday, the situation will be classified at 5:30 am as a tropical storm with wind speeds between 62-118 km/hour, then as a deep tropical depression with wind speeds between 50-61 km/hour, the NCM pointed out.



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