Meanings behind the sign board colors available on Saudi Arabia roads

Meanings behind the sign board colors available on Saudi Arabia roads

Posted by : Aahil Shaik
Friday, March 24, 2023

Know the meanings behind the sign board colors available on Saudi Arabia roads

The Roads General Authority in Saudi Arabia revealed few of the meanings of the sign board colors that drivers see in the Kingdom on all the roads of the country. Watch : Sharing harassment videos on social media in Saudi Arabia is illegal and punishable

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This comes from Roads General Authority’s official Twitter handle explaining the meanings behind the color sign boards on the Saudi Arabia’s roads, which are the following.

1. Green : Roadways within the urban scale.

2. Blue : Roads leading outside the urban area.

3. White : Internal landmarks like Universities and major complexes.

5. Yellow : Work areas and warning signs.

– The Roads General Authority added that, it is used exceptionally to indicated exit paths or lanes with Yellow color.

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– Earlier this, the authority announced the opening of the Tabuk Al-Jouf road intersection with the Tabuk-Taima, Al-Qalbia road, which contributes to improving the experience of the road users.

– Previously, the Roads General Authority explained how will scientific research contribute to the development of the roads.

* Raising the level of services provided to road users as per the international best practices.

* By improving the country’s economic capabilities and attracting investments.

* Promoting innovation in all road works.

– The authority also stated that, how it will contribute commission to allowing scientific research, specifying that,

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* Availability of the central laboratory for researches.

* Provide possible devices and tools to do the scientific research.

* Allowing researchers to reach the target segments.

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