Lowest Budget Ethereum Mining Rig | Mining Rig Buying Guide for Your GPU

Mining Rig Buying Guide for Your GPU | Lowest Budget Ethereum Mining Rig


We’ll go over all of the essentials and suggestions for buying a GPU mining equipment in this article.

This manual is intended to be useful for a long time.

At the end of Your GPU Mining Rig Buying Guide, we’ll go over the market situation as of early 2021, as well as how to deal with the unusually high cost of GPUs and gear in general.

Where can you get your hardware from?

This is a list of places where you may purchase your hardware, which we’ll go over in the next part. These links will either feature promotion codes or affiliates that will assist Gulf Tech Plus at no additional cost to you.

“To buy a lowest budget mining rig component in India, I will leave a best buying link below at the end of this article”.

Great Hardware store with a large selection. It also covers a large number of geographical areas.


You can get a variety of hardware here. Their GPU frames, in particular, are excellent choices.

Finally, there’s Amazon, Newegg, Best Buy, and every other well-known PC Hardware retailer. Your GPUs, as well as all of the other parts indicated below in the needed and primary lists, can be purchased there.

Use AliBaba and AliExpress at your leisure, but don’t buy GPUs from them. It’s almost certain that they’re scam artists.

Parallel Miner

You’ll find a large selection of Server PSUs here. They cover a wide range of shipping regions and are a great alternative to use.


This is an excellent option for both US and CA miners. There is a wide variety of hardware accessible there, so have a look and see what they have.


This is one of the best locations to buy risers!

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Lowest Budget Ethereum Mining Ri

Parts List and Purchasing Strategy for GPU Mining

It’s divided into two stages when it comes to putting together your first mining equipment.

The first section covers the mining rig’s essential components:

  • PCI-E Risers
  • Frame or Server Chasis
  • Processor (CPU)
  • Memory (RAM)
  • Motherboard
  • Storage Device (SSD or USB)
  • Network Connectivity

These important components can be found in almost every mining rig, and we’ll go over them in more detail later.

The primary pieces of your Mining Rig are found in the second section. Which of your GPUs are you utilising, and which PSU(s) should you acquire based on what and how many GPUs you will be utilising?

Parts that are necessary

As previously said, the main components of all rigs can be the same. So, what exactly does that imply?

Each Mining Rig is just an ordinary computer with many GPUs attached. The reason we’re connecting more GPUs now is that they’re the backbone of the entire mining process. As a result, the performance of your CPU and RAM will have a negligible impact on your mining.

Because your CPU and RAM have such a minor impact on your mining, you can get away with the very minimum. That changes if you’re also interested in CPU mining.

CPU mining demands excellent CPUs, but it is not a very common method of mining right now because it is nowhere like as profitable as GPU mining at the time of writing.

In terms of your network connection, mining does not require or use a fast internet connection, but it does require one that is steady. So, I advocate utilising ethernet wherever possible; if that is not possible, you can resort to using WIFI with WIFI adapters, which we shall discuss further later.

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Now is the time to keep your critical pieces to a bare minimum. After we go over the basic points, I’ll go through a method that will assist you determine what to buy.

Mining Rig Buying Guide for Your GPU | Lowest Budget Ethereum Mining Rig

Main Parts

Your GPUs and PSU, as previously said, are the most important components (s). Now you can decide what PSU to get based on how many GPUs you’re buying and how much power they’ll use.

In most cases, when mining with GPUs, you will be undervolting them. For mining, you should never skimp on properly undervolting and overclocking them.

If your card is on our list, you can use the values in the library; if it isn’t, you can search Reddit, YouTube, and Google until you find GPU settings that work for you. In this essay, I go over the benefits of overclocking and why you should do it.

Let’s look at a GPU mining rig’s purchasing method.

Step 1: Make a plan.

So, how does the technique work? First, ask yourself, “What is the minimal number of GPUs I want to employ for mining in this rig?”

After you’ve answered that, you’ll want to go on to the Motherboard, which is the first section of the Rig.

Step 2: Choosing the Best Motherboard

The Motherboard will determine how many GPUs your Rig can support. Every PCI-E slot is dedicated to a single GPU. So, if you want to run six GPUs, you’ll need a motherboard with at least six slots. With more slots, you’ll be able to add more GPUs to your rig in the future!

Now, before we get into a list of decent mining motherboards, let’s go through some of the most often asked questions.

Is it possible to mine on any Motherboard?

Yes, you can mine on any board, including a gaming board. Because each motherboard has its own BIOS settings, you may need to adjust those BIOS settings in some cases in order to operate more than one GPU on the system.

Enable 4G decoding and set PCI-E Lane Speed to Gen 2 or 3 are two options to check for.

How many GPUs can your Motherboard realistically support?

Although some motherboards contain 13 or more PCI-E lanes, they may also have rules. The Asus B250 Mining Expert, for example, has 19 lanes but can only support 13-14 GPUs unless you use Mining Dedicated GPUs like the P104s for the last 8 lanes.

The following motherboards are recommended for mining: 

  • Asus B250 Mining Expert
  • Biostar TB250-BTC (6 or 12)
  • H110 Pro BTC+ 
  • Or any other mining board.

Step 3: CPU, RAM, Storage, Risers, and Network Configuration

You can now purchase the CPU and RAM after selecting your motherboard. Keep in mind that your CPU and RAM have no bearing on GPU performance or the number of GPUs you can run on your Rig. So, depending on the instructions below, get the cheapest you can find.

The central processing unit

For your CPU, check your motherboard’s CPU Compatibility list and select the cheapest option from the list.

According to the Asus B250 Mining Expert CPU Compatibility list, it is compatible with the Celeron G39xx (3900-G3950) processor, which is the most popular among miners because it is both affordable and powerful enough to run your mining setup.

Mining Rig Buying Guide for Your GPU | Lowest Budget Ethereum Mining Rig


Now you must purchase RAM that is compatible with your motherboard. DDR3 is used on some boards, whereas DDR4 is used on others. The majority of the time, you’ll get DDR4, but I recommend double-checking.

The Asus B250 Mining Expert now comes with DDR4 memory. So, if you’re mining on Windows 10, I’d recommend getting 8GB RAM, and 4GB RAM if you’re mining on a Linux-based mining OS.

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A normal 120 GB SSD is the best solution for storage. It works with any Linux Mining OS as well as Windows 10. You can use HDDs, but they are inefficient, and you can only use USBs for Linux-based mining OSs, which is also insecure.

Your operating system will be installed on your storage device.


In general, the newer the riser, the better. So, if you can find version 009s through the various vendors we indicated above, buy them.

Network Connectivity

Ethernet cables are recommended for your Rigs, as I previously stated. If you can’t access them with an Ethernet cable, Powerline Adapters may be an option.

If you can’t get Ethernet to work with Powerline Adapters, you can switch to WIFI with any WIFI Adapter.

Step 4: Choosing Your Graphics Cards

Now we’ll get to the meat of the matter. Your graphics processing units.

You have the option of starting with as many GPUs as you wish. It doesn’t have to be a large number of GPUs, but the more you have, the better the profits.

So, if you’re starting off on a tight budget, you can buy one GPU and then add more GPUs later with the profits from that one.

You can also buy GPUs from multiple brands and sellers and use them on the same mining setup; this is not a problem. If you’re mining under Windows 10 and using AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, you might run into issues, however I’d advocate switching to a Linux-based mining OS to avoid that.

Should you go with AMD or NVIDIA now?

I recommend combining the two. AMD’s advantages are that it is usually less expensive and more profitable, although it does require more tuning and maintenance than an NVIDIA GPU.

AMD is also heavily influenced by Ethereum, thus if no alternative cryptocurrency emerges to take its place by the time Ethereum goes completely Proof-of-Stake, AMD’s value will plummet. We have at least a year before we need to be concerned about this.

NVIDIA is excellent in terms of stability and variety. You can mine a variety of coins, which isn’t as profitable as Ethereum, but it’s better than having nothing to fall back on.

NVIDIA is often more expensive and provides lower performance than AMD, but with the new RTX 3000 series, we can confidently declare them the new crowned king of mining. The new RTX GPUs are extremely efficient and perform exceptionally well in mining.

When purchasing a graphics card, does the brand make a difference?

It matters for some GPU models, but in most cases, if getting a new brand costs more than $50, it is not worth it. Before you buy, I recommend doing some research on the GPU you’re acquiring and watching videos of other people reviewing it.

My top 5 graphics cards for 2021 are as follows:

  1. RTX 3070
  2. RX 5700 XT
  3. RTX 3060 TI
  4. RTX 3080
  5. RX 5600 XT

You’re set if you can get your hands on any of these GPUs for a reasonable price that is as near to their original pricing as feasible. Each of these GPUs earns over $150 a month as of the writing of this article.

It will now assist you in determining what PSU you require based on the GPU you purchase. Let’s say you want to buy four RTX 3060TIs now and then add two more later.

In that situation, there are two things you should look into.

  1. When these GPUs are set for mining, how much power do they consume?
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We’ll be pulling 120-130 watts per GPU with the RTX 3060 TI Overclocks. Because we have six of them, the total power consumption will be 780 Watts for the GPUs and 50 Watts for the system, for a total of 830 Watts.

In our Crypto Library, we have a tiny list of Overclocked GPUs and how much power they use. If you don’t find your GPU there, I propose researching elsewhere, such as WhatToMine, Other Content Creators, and so on.

  1. How many VGA Strands and 8 or 6 Pins, including the Risers, do you need to cover?

Because we’re using six GPUs, we’ll need six VGA Strands. We can use 1 Strand with each GPU and its riser in this way. If you’re short on VGA Strands, a splitter can be used to use two VGA Strands on three GPUs.

In terms of pins, the model we utilised in our GPU Overview video only had 1x 8-pin, which implies that 6 GPUs will have 6x 8-pins each and 6x Risers will have 6x 8-pins each, totaling 12x 8-pins.

We have a total of 830 Watts and 12x 8-Pins. Now we may choose a power supply while keeping that information in mind.

Step 5: Getting the right PSU(s)

We now know that we require 830 Watts of continuous power and that all of the GPUs and Risers require 12x 8-Pins/6-Pins. There are three alternatives available to you here.

  1. Power supply units for servers

PSUs for servers are fantastic. They’re inexpensive and dependable, and they readily cover all of your 8-Pins. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to server power supplies, which you can find here.

  1. Power supply units (PSUs) for ATX motherboards

ATX PSUs are the most prevalent, but I would recommend looking for Server PSUs first because ATX PSUs may not have enough 6/9 – Pins to power all of your GPUs and Risers. Our guide on ATX PSUs and suggestions can be found here.

  1. Bitmain Power Supply Units

Many individuals I’ve seen/heard use Bitmain PSUs for GPU mining.

Step 6: Selecting a Frame

Purchase or construct your own frame, as this is where everything will come together. I’ll be making a video soon about customizing a GPU mining frame. and are great locations to look for ready-to-buy frames.

Early 2021: A Look Back

You’ve made it to the end of the article! Now that we’ve covered all you need to know about getting your first mining rig, let’s take a look at how things are in early 2021, when the cryptocurrency market is booming like never before.

Even though this is supposed to be Your GPU Mining Rig Buying Guide For 2021, that does not guarantee an easy process.

Due to the high demand for mining hardware at the time of writing this article, the demand for mining gear is at an all-time high, owing to the high prices of cryptocurrency, which results in extremely high profits. 1x RX 580 8GB, for example, was fetching up to $4 per day, which is ridiculous!!

What this means is that hardware prices will rise dramatically, thus I advocate employing servers with many bots to keep track of inventory and then attempting to acquire parts at MSRP.

I don’t recommend buying GPUs at such inflated costs, so waiting till you find a reasonable price for hardware is probably the best option.


To buy a lowest budget mining rig component in india…

4GB 2400mhz RAM

8GB 3000mhz RAM


H310 Motherboard

1660 Super – button

Pentium Gold G5420 Processor

Riser Cable

450 watts SMPS

550 watts SMPS

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