Kuwait Welcomes EU’s 5-Year, Multiple Entry Schengen Visa for Citizens – Gulf Insider

Kuwait has welcomed the EU’s decision to offer citizens a five-year visa for citizens.

The country’s Foreign Minister, Sheikh Salem Al Sabah, welcomed on Tuesday the European Union (EU) decision to offer Kuwaitis a five-year, multiple-entry, Schengen visa.

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The move was hailed as a breakthrough and a by-product of bilateral cooperation.

Expressing his appreciation for EU-wide efforts that helped facilitate the new visa rules, the minister said more cooperation on the matter would ultimately pave the way for citizens to be granted visa-free entry to the Schengen zone.

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Exempting citizens from visa requirements to travel to the Schengen area is one of “multiple efforts” on the foreign ministry’s part, as it seeks to cater to the needs of nationals, he emphasized.

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