Kuwait may put a halt to the issuance of new driving licenses to foreigners.

Kuwait stop granting driving licenses to expats

Senior traffic authorities in Kuwait are debating whether to stop granting driving licenses to expats, who make up the bulk of the country’s population.

Lt Gen. Faisal Al Nawaf, Undersecretary of the Interior Ministry, met with senior traffic authorities on Wednesday to discuss a proposal to stop granting driving licenses to expats.Trending Now: Britain is looking for new trade deals with Gulf nations

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The group discussed the proposal’s advantages and drawbacks. On the plus side, the publication claims that stopping the issuing of new driving licenses for foreigners will result in fewer automobiles on the road, decreasing traffic congestion and accidents. The conferees also considered the potential negative consequences of a corresponding prohibition.

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Lt Gen. Al Nawaf authorised the development of a new “advanced” method for awarding driving licenses to foreign residents, as well as the provision of information on the number of expatriates recently awarded driving licenses and their influence on the country’s traffic scene.

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Foreigners account for roughly 3.4 million of Kuwait’s 4.6 million overall population. Watch More: Gulf Tech & News




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