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Kuwait’s Ministry of Interior announced guidelines on Thursday for residents wishing to change the colour of their vehicles in an effort to align with international standards and ensure proper documentation.

Individuals looking to modify their car’s colour must navigate a three-step process:

1. Initial Approval: Firstly, individuals are required to visit the International Standards Section of the Technical Inspection Department. At this stage, they can secure an initial nod for the desired colour change. An essential part of this step involves signing a pledge, confirming one’s commitment to the chosen colour.

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2. Colour Change Process: With initial approval in hand, vehicle owners can then approach authorised workshops proficient in the colour change process. This measure guarantees that the colour alteration is executed professionally, in alignment with stipulated standards.

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3. Final Approval: Post colour modification, a final inspection awaits at the International Standards Section of the Technical Inspection Department. Here, the new vehicle colour will be verified, leading to the issuance of an updated car registration.

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Highlighting the importance of adhering to these guidelines, the ministry sent out a clear warning. Workshops and garages are advised against altering vehicle colours without the Traffic Department’s preceding approval. Non-compliance can result in hefty fines of up to 500 KD, levied by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.



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